Temple of Zeus Carribb's photo on flickr http:www.flickr.com/photos/caribb/78760484/

In greek architecture greeks took good care in designing temple
The most impressive building was Parthenon.
The Parthenon was built in Athens in the date 400BC.
The Parthenon has 46 columns.
This temple was built for the Goddess of Wisdom And War , for example Athena. [1]
The buildings in Greece had to be perfect

. The columns would bulge in the middle.
The Greeks architecture were perfectly straight.
There were different types of styles: Doric, Lonic, and Corinthinan.
Doric= Is Sturdy , Used in mainland Greece
Lonic= Thinner and much more elegant, decorated with scroll like design
Corinthinian= decorated with acanthus leaves
Greeks created their own stadiums and theatres.
Temple of Demeter http://www.flickr.com/photos/79983635@N00/2697360

The Greeks were very careful with what they built, they tried to make it perfect.
The Parthenon has 46 columns. [2]
Greek designers wanted their buildings to reflect on the greatness of their cites.
There was a building called Tholos of Theodorus at Delphi, to honor Athena.[3]
The temple of Zeus was built between 470 and 460 B.C.
But it was finished in 456 B.C.
The temple was supported by 13 large columns and six at each end.
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